Renee Lamb Headshot

Looking for inspiration? Solid proof that you aren’t the only one that feels crazy and overwhelmed by life and all that comes with it? Me too!

This blog features my musings on life, love and finding your true self. Hopefully some of this will ring true to you as well, and perhaps serve as a reminder that we are all in this together.

Material for my writings comes from my experience in founding my own social enterprise, Soulié, in 2013. A challenging and ever changing undertaking that focuses on creating high quality, artisan made products that make the world more beautiful while preserving ancient cultural and craft traditions.

I also draw up my experience and a yoga teacher, trained economist and fashion designer and as a student of Native American shamanism.

To see some of my past work, check out my travel blog at wanderfull365.com or learn more about Soulié at renee-soulie.com.

My other previous publications can be found in the mix here or in Mantra Yoga + Health Magazine and on  yoganonymous.com, elephantjournal.com and wanderlust.com.

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